2023 YR 1 - TIL Program for Men (Urdu)

Enrollment Closed

Group Online Traditional Islamic Learning Program for Men (Urdu)


eMahad is launching an 8-year Online Traditional Islamic Learning Program based on the curriculum of Wifaq ul Madaris al-Arabiya, Pakistan covering an in-depth study of Quran, hadith, fiqh, usul al fiqh and Arabic language and grammar. The program will be taught by the experienced and skilled faculty of Mahad al-Faqir al-Islami, Jhang, the parent institution of eMahad, founded by Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi (db).

The classes will be conducted in Urdu over state-of-the-art paid classroom software. 


Schedule:  Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday pm - 10 pm (Pakistan time)
Language: Urdu
Total workload per Week: 12 hours

Admission Fee: USD $50

2nd Term Fee: USD $50 (Payable Start of 2nd Term)

Note: Admission Fee is not Refundable

Insha'Allah all Classes will start on May 20th, 2023

Please CLICK HERE to read eMahad's Enrollment Criteria Til Program.